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  • The most advanced soft armor solution available.

  • Omni-Threat protection. The Forcefield offers ballistic protection to level IIIA, as well as a very high degree of knife, spike, and needle resistance.

  • The lightest. At just 0.79psf, it is, by a tremendous margin, the lightest combination—threat soft armor available, and is significantly lighter than most ballistic only and knife—only solutions.

  • The thinnest level IIIA ballistic panel available -- just 4.5mm (0.177 inches). Flexible, pliable, comfortable to wear, and eminently suitable for use in covert armor carriers.

  • The most resilient. Encased in a tough, durable nylon envelope, the Forcefield is nigh immune to damage from UV rays, ambient moisture, immersion in water, solvent exposure, acid exposure, alkali exposure, fuels and oils, fire extingunshant, and temperatures ranging from cryogenic conditions of -90°C up to a temperature of 70°C. It is non—flammable and is qualified as a self-extinguishing material. It is also extremely resistant to biological attack, such as fungal growth. In short, it was designed for exceedingly rough handling and use.

Simply put, the best soft armor available.

Alvin Larocque
Government Business POC


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